Dog Lovers Collection
BOLEO® Walking The Dog™
The perfect solution for the responsible dog owner!  
Two compartment case attaches securely along the
leash.  Smaller compartment holds fresh bags, the
larger compartment holds the “used ones”– no more
walking around with plastic baggie in hand.  Made in
China of washable nylon in 5 colors.
BOLEO® Hold Your Water®
Both owners and their dogs need water for good
health!  Hold Your Water® snaps onto the neck of
any standard water or soft drink bottle and attaches
to belt loop,. purse strap, etc. for hands free
Counter & clip strip displayers available. Assorted
colors.  Made in China
BOLEO® SafeKey™
Dogs need to be walked – even if the sun’s gone
down!   Improve safety with the SafeKey™  -  a
brilliant LED flashlight and piercing safety whistle
at hand with one’s keys.  Available in silver
(shown) and assorted patterns, including
camouflage, pink ribbon and zebra.  Made in
BOLEO® ID Zip Case™
Dog owners need their hands free – to walk, train,
control and play with their furry charges.  The ID Zip
Case with removable neck  strap carries keys, ID,
money and cards hands free.  Compact enough to
tuck into a shirt or jacket.  Available in black
(shown), pink, camouflage, and zebra.  Made in